I want to share some of the notes we have been receiving from LYS’ers who have read our book, “The Fundamental Five: The Formula for Quality Instruction.”
“Loved the book. Finished it quick and have already passed it to my department chair.”
“The book was inspiring. This is going to be our campus book study for the fall.”
“Why didn’t they teach us this in college?”
“When I heard you present at our conference your answers were quick and easy to understand. I have to admit that actually made me skeptical. But now that I have read the book I’m a believer. I can’t wait to get back in the classroom.”
“Just know that now I tell everyone, ‘I knew them before they were famous.’ Love the book.”
Again, Mike and I want to thank everyone for your kind words, encouragement and validation. I can not express how much we appreciate your investment of both the time and money required to read our little book. A number of you have inquired about purchasing the book for book studies (which our publisher thinks is an excellent idea). For large orders just call Jo at the LYS office, (832) 477-5323 and she will process your P.O. Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn… Call Jo at (832) 477-LEAD to order your campus set of “The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction.” Individual copies available on Amazon.com! http://tinyurl.com/4ydqd4t Follow Sean Cain and LYS on www.Twitter.com/LYSNation