In response to the 2/8/2011 post, “Game On! Schools Write – Part 4” a reader writes writes: I totally agree with the writer. If your boss isn’t complying with the change plan, it could be time to seek out employment elsewhere. IT is totally suicidal, however, to go against the wishes of the BOSS!! Teamwork does mean working as a team and your boss is part of your team. As far as getting your just deserts or getting credited for whatever it is you feel you need to be thanked for – having a school that is prospering – that is your thanks! The parents will thank you, your peers will thank you, the students will thank you, the administration will thank and SO WILL YOUR BOSS! Just do your job and things should improve. Just bide your time and you will get your credit. But wanting people to thank you because you believe that you should get the credit for something you did well…well that is really hard to get because you have to earn it. Good Luck!!!! SC ResponseLet’s talk a little about credit. Credit is great. And even the most stoic among us want people to know that we do a good job. But the reality is that most of the people we work with and for are not very good at recognizing and reinforcing work, effort and success. This means that for those of us who crave positive feedback, we have to create systems that create it for us. How do you do that? Targets, goals and milestones. Create them for yourself and your team (team can entail everything from a small group of students up to an entire district). As you reach those targets, goals and milestones, celebrate them. Even if it is just a mental high-five to yourself. And the data becomes your source of regular feedback and additional motivation. As a kicker, from a career standpoint, by doing this you are able to objectively document your impact on the organization. One thing that has helped me throughout my career is that I can demonstrate (through data) how organizational performance improves with the systems I create and decline if those systems are abandoned. And like the writer alludes to, the success of students, schools and educators is plenty of incentive in itself. Think. Work. Achieve.Your turn…Follow Sean Cain at Soon! “The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction” www.TheFundamentalFive.comPlan to attend the LYS presentations this June at TASSP, TASB, and TEPSA