School leaders often ask me when the best time is to change. The answer is easy.


1.As soon as you realize that something isn’t working.


Once you realize something isn’t working, change.  To do otherwise is to willingly allow the organization to at best, waste effort, and at worst, self-inflict harm.


2.Or, as soon as you realize you are leaving student performance on the table.

To knowingly allow adult practices and systems to diminish student performance is tantamount to theft. You are allowing a child’s future potential and opportunity to be stolen.


Now, many will ask, “Won’t quick changes hurt staff morale?”


My response is if you have staff that will sacrifice the needs of students and the good of the organization for their own personal comfort (note: comfort is not morale), why are you worried about their morale?


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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