There have been some strong feelings expressed on the blog over the past week (and they will continue for a number of days). I couldn’t be more pleased, for two reasons. First, strong feelings are an indicator of strong passion. I would rather lose a passionate debate than live with milquetoast agreement. Second, no one has unsubscribed from the blog. It used to be when the blog discussed a controversial topic, two or three readers would just quit the discussion. Not this time. The LYS Nation is following Brezina’s reminder, “We can disagree, as long as we disagree agreeably.”
That is a tough rule and we seem to be following it. For that I say “thank you.”
In response to the post, “Common Assessments – Campus vs. District (10/29/10),” a LYS Central Office Curriculum Director writes:


In response to the post, “Question What You Do (11/2/10),” a LYS Principal writes:

In response to the post, “A Reader Submits… Instructional Strategies (10/19/2010),” a LYS Assistant Superintendent writes:

Hallelujah :-)))

SC Response
Another, “thank you,” for the kind words and for the record, “Common Assessments – Campus vs. District” posted on October 29, 2010 is now the most popular LYS post ever (based on circulation). “A Reader Submits… Instructional Strategies,” posted on October 19, 2010 is the second most popular. Check them both it out if you missed them.

Finally, I have posted another installment of the LYS Two Minute Drill on YouTube. Here is the link:

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…