One of the early LYS bloggers asks:

“So, what qualifies one to be a member of the LYS Nation?

Do you practice of as many of the LYS ideals and tools as you know for systemic growth and learner success?

Or, do you have to attend workshops and carry a card?”

SC Response
First, I was wondering where you have been hiding. The quality of the discussion is diminished when you go on hiatus.

Second, this question keeps popping up more and more. Here is my litmus test:

1. You read the blog on a regular basis.

2. You agree with at least 25% of what we discuss.

3. You disagree with at least 10% of what we discuss.

4. You recognize that as a profession, an organization, a classroom and as an individual, we are no where near meeting our potential (the easy part). Plus, you have a passion to chase that potential down (the hard part).

There is no card carrying requirement, but most of the old school LYS’ers do carry and use their World Famous LYS Coffee Tumblers and Koozies.

If anyone wants to suggest additional requirements, send them in. Like all great organizations the LYS Nation has to have agreed upon standards.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn