Here are some quick hitters relating to recent posts.

In response to “Urban School Myth,” Brezina writes:

“Great post. This topic should be expanded into a book.”

SC Response
Not a bad idea, it is simply a matter of time (finding it) and interest (does anyone outside of the LYS Nation care).

In response to “Come By and Say Hi,” there were a number of “Wish I was there,” comments and a couple of the ones similar to the following:

“SC, we missed you at our school district’s conference. No one generated the buzz like you did last year.”

SC Response
I appreciate the sentiment, but during the summer, too many of the conferences overlap. Even though we would like too, we can’t get to all of them. Plus, I saw the speaker lists at a number of the conferences I was unable to get to, no one got the short end of the stick.

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