Those of you who know me, most likely know that I am a proud Texan. So much so that I really do not understand why all of you who live in Not-Texas states don’t pledge allegiance to Texas every morning like we do. But I’m about to quit saying the pledge (at least for a day or two) if we don’t do something about the idiots on our State Board of Education.

Their latest foray into inspirational, selfless leadership is the revision of the State’s social studies curriculum. Now it seems that Thomas Jefferson’s role in shaping the political debate and landscape during our nation’s founding evidently wasn’t that significant. Religious freedom? Only if you are a member of the right religion. And Jefferson Davis, now it seems he is equally important as Abraham Lincoln.

One of my mentors, Dr. Richard Hooker (the “Robin Hood” of the “Robin Hood” plan), told a group of aspiring principal back in 1995 that if we keep voting for ideologues who hate public education that we will eventually get what we deserve. Evidently besides being brilliant, Dr. Hooker was also psychic.

LYS Nation, either start voting and/or don’t vote a straight ticket. It is the straight ticket that guarantees that you are voting for some of the biggest idiot on the ballot. And shame on you, BOE. The Eyes of Texas are embarrassed.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…