A reader asks,

“Can you please tell me why our district has contracted your services? I have read through your blogs and information and it seems to me that everything you say is basically common sense.

I was just wondering what you have to offer our district.


SC Response
Thank you for reading the blog, reflecting on what you have read and being willing to write in and ask a critical question. You have validated one of our guiding principles. Common sense advice and solutions are our goal. Yes, it is fun to talk theory, but for us, one of the true measures of whether or not we are adding value is effectiveness; and effectiveness generally boils down to common sense.

Districts contract with us for numerous reasons, a few of which are explained below.

1. We are a company of principals, with well over 90% of our coaching staff having significant and successful principal experience. What this means to the client is that our advice, training and solutions are geared towards both effectiveness and efficiency. What we suggest has to work, but it also has to work without overloading staff and teachers who are already busy and working hard.

2. We focus on subtraction as much as we focus on addition. Instead of telling a teacher, a campus and/or a district, that they have to do something new on top of everything else they are doing, we show the client what to quit doing. Or, at the very least, how the new thing will quickly take other tasks or problems off their plates.

3. We believe that the great untapped source of professional knowledge is the campus. As such, our systems, tools, training and coaching are geared towards empowering the professionals in the field and channeling their collective brain power.

4. We coach 24/7. If a district, school, administrator or teacher needs help, we help, right then.

5. None of the above would matter if we didn’t get results. The districts and schools that we work with improve faster than other schools and quickly begin to outperform others. When that happens, students have both more and better options, which is what we are all working for.

Thanks for your comment and question, welcome to the LYS nation.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…