In response to the discussion on “Programs,” a reader writes:

“Often it is not the program itself that makes it difficult or unsuccessful. Class sizes and the number of different programs we are being asked to use make it impossible.”

SC Response
Class size is less of an issue than most people think. However, the number of programs has the potential to be a much more critical issue. Bob Brezina (retired Superintendent and retired Green Bay Packer) still reminds me that Lombardi only had 6 plays. It was the execution of those plays that separated the Packers from the rest of the league.

Teachers have to be experts, but they cannot be experts in everything. The only chance that teachers have to develop true expertise is for leadership to be very protective of what goes on their plate. When leadership keeps piling stuff on, it actually decreases teacher effectiveness.

Simplify, simplify, simplify. The Foundation Trinity, the Fundamental Five, carefully selected tools and purposeful work and analysis. These are the building blocks of instructional expertise. Until these are executed at a high level, staff can work harder, faster and longer, but they are generally not working smarter.

Think. Work. Achieve.

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