This blog has been so powerful – not only because I think it has brought an inner strength to people like me and made it “OK” to stand our ground and speak to ‘the truth’ of the expectation of instructional excellence that can and has to transcend from just ‘the little ‘ol AP’ on the campus – whether your own focus is more passionate than those around you or they’re all right along with you.

Almost every time I read a post I pull up my bootstraps and saddle up – you’ve given me a slap on the back and said, “Giddee up girl”!!!!

Keep up the message – we’re learning and leading and supporting achievement. :)”

SC Response
I have people who ask me how I find the time to keep up with this. The answer is this. I know there are teachers and school leaders like you that are out there on an island. I’ve been there. A campus can be a lonely place when you are moving against the current. If this network of educators who want more for their students and schools can provide a little support and some fresh ideas when you are beat down and questioning yourself, then I have to keep writing.

Great coaches always coach. It is in their blood and they can’t turn it off. I’m not claiming to be a great coach, but I do find sub-par schools to be a moral travesty. It is simply wrong not to do something to help those who are trying to improve their campus. And every time I get a little tired and think that this blog is taking up too much time, I get a letter like yours, which makes me realize that I have the easy job. This reminds me to check myself and get back to work.

Thank you,

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…