In response to “Schaper’s Wisdom,” a reader writes:

“Having served six years in the charter school system working with students seriously at-risk of never achieving high school graduation with a diploma or G.E.D. because history has not been fair to them in and out of the classroom, I have come to look at NCLB with a certain relational resolve that says, “If No Child Left Behind is to be successful, we must Know the Child being Left Behind before they are left behind.”

1. This forces us to be proactive earlier and with greater diligence to student learning needs, styles and goals.

2. Whenever we get the students, we must assess not only their content knowledge, but their skill knowledge for learning. Understanding their capacity to learn is one thing, empowering that capacity to its fullest is critical.

3. Lastly, if there isn’t a serious effort to connect student-learner and instructional learner in a shared learning experience, success will be difficult. Connecting early builds opportunities for life-long learning success in and out of the classroom.”

SC Response
I can’t argue with the writer and the resolve he talks about is a great kick off discussion for the start of every school.

Think. Work. Achieve.

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