My favorite time of year is the first week of school. For me, it is better than Christmas morning. The first week is the payoff for an entire summer of planning, hard work and anticipation. After two days of sitting on the sidelines, I had to go visit schools. Over the last two days, I have visited 9 schools. Six with principals that I have a working relationship with, and three school with principals that I do not.

The difference between the two groups has been dramatic. There was a sense of excitement and fun on the LYS campuses. Teachers were teaching, students were engaged and there was no one wandering the halls. Things were a little more ragged on the non LYS campuses. Students and teachers were working, but they are already a half-step behind the LYS schools

Kudos to the students, staff and leaders of the six schools, you know who you are.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…