In response for the call to expound on the legend of Brezina, a Lead Your School reader submits the following:

“I was working with a school in South Texas and had scheduled to meet with the staff during the early Spring of 2007. When I got there, I met Bob for the first time. He was sitting in the meeting room with the room full of teachers, the campus Principal, and the district Superintendent.

Bob had the floor first and proceeded to tell the entire room that, ‘You all just aren’t getting the job done.’

Everyone reading this blog knows how that went over. After he finished (less than one minute of talk time) he leaned over to me and said, ‘I have to leave, I have a plane to catch. Now figure out how to get this fixed and get them all on the same page.’

Needless to say, I spent four long hours in that room trying to get them to focus on the problem. Although it was very uncomfortable, they buckled down and got a plan together. Low and behold we managed to get them off the unacceptable list and we all made it out of there alive.

I didn’t realize that this was going to be the meeting where we had to have the ‘hard conversation,’ but Bob cut straight to the chase, and still does. – JM”

SC Response
One reason why Brezina is successful, and brings out the best in his people is that he cuts off our avenues of easy escape. Left to our own accord it is easy to dance around the real issue for hours, days, weeks and even years. With Brezina, the real issue is the only issue – fix it and move on.

Now where are the rest of stories? I know they are out there.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…