In response to the reader who asked about Brezina’s Rule, “If it is not right for kids, it is wrong,” Brezina writes:

“Whoever brought this up is starting to really dig into the issue. For you know that as you keep asking pointed questions, you start getting to the real causes of issue. Do know that when you take this course of action, the results are often not easy or pretty.

I support Sean’s statement 100%, but he forgot to address the upper levels of district leadership and the Board. They have to be aware of the purposeful shift to becoming student centered and the must publicly support this move.

The harder the Principal and/or Superintendent pushes to turn this belief into reality, the more the staff hollers and seeks out a “savior.” If the Board and central office isn’t ready to address this with conviction and firmness, the malcontents will gain a toehold and the risk is that everything will stop dead in its tracks.”

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…