In response to the post, “Sometimes You Have to Move,” a reader writes:

“A very educated woman told me, “Sometimes you have to leave before you are appreciated at home.”

She did leave and became famous in another state. She returned home and landed her dream job, where she has previously been.”

SC Response:
I know a number of school leaders who were faced with the realization that to get the in-district job that they wanted, they could best get the necessary experience to be considered for the job in another district. From personal experience, I know that this is an uncomfortable realization and that the decision to “stay or leave” is both difficult and risky to make and act on.

I know those who have stayed and were finally promoted. I know those who stayed and have yet to be promoted. I know people who have left and then returned, with much success. I know those who left and have had their careers stagnate. And I know those who left, yet never returned, because greater opportunities arose.

However, understand that the decision is far less risky for a teacher or assistant principal to make than it is for a Principal or Central Office Administrator.

What helped me make the decision was a very understanding and supporting wife; and a mentor (a very successful corporate executive) who told me, “You have to go find the promotion. The promotion isn’t going to come find you.”

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…


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