After reading the 2/16/09 post, Campus Improvement: What is the Problem You are Trying to Solve

A reader asks:

“This sounds so simple, but I know you are spot on target. Where, when, and why, does this become such a hard concept?”

The concept I discussed was this, “…The problem that this principal is trying to solve is to the bridge the chasm between best instructional practices and current campus instructional practices. This disconnect is reflected in student performance” (Cain 2009)

I think the concept is hard because it makes us as adults accountable for something more than just showing up to work. Changing practice is difficult. Even when we know it is the right thing to do, it is uncomfortable and unpredictable. To hold yourself accountable to changing someone else’s practice can be even more difficult. It forces you to have uncomfortable conversations, be brutally honest and sometimes be confrontational. None of which is fun. When I coach school leaders as they first embrace this concept, I tell them that way they are going to get through the initial stages is to focus on nothing but student performance. As soon as you give weight to adult issues, you are moving backwards.

Thanks reader!

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