Managing Up, Part 3 of 5– Who Needs to Own the Problem?

This will make more sense if you first read the two posts from February 16, 2009.

I have a friend that I have been working with for a couple of years now. He may be one of the best in the principals in the business at rapidly turning around a campus. He sent me some questions that his assistant superintendent gave him to answer. Here are my answers to the third set of questions, his were similar.

Q: Who (teachers, parent, community) needs to know what, to “own” the problem and support the change work?

1 – Teachers need to “own” their practice and the performance of their students.

2 – Campus administrators need to “own” their practice and the performance of their teachers.

3 – Parents need to “own” their need to support and enforce the reality that the education of their child .

4 – Central office need to “own” the fact that change isn’t popular and that managing campuses based on complaints from staff only perpetuates that status quo.

Your turn…