When it comes to school and classroom operations the least healthy and hygienic way to do things is how we did them prior to March 2020. Not purposefully unhealthy and unhygienic… Lazily unhealthy and unhygienic.


Don’t take offense, we were all guilty. The reason for this was because over the past couple of generations, modern medicine, vaccines, and penicillin had conquered most of our serious contagious adversaries. Then came Covid-19.


In the course of living and working, short of a complete quarantine, there is no perfect anti-Covid-19 practice. There is just better practice. The rule of thumb for healthy and hygienic school and classroom operations is this… Examine everything that was done before and then do those things in a healthier and more hygienic manner.


Yes, this requires more work. Yes, this requires flexible thinking. Yes, this will infringe on instructional time. But most importantly, this will keep the adults alive, students healthy, and the school open longer.


Lead Your School and Wash Your Hands!

Your turn…

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