As I have been discussing the new priorities for this school year, school leaders are not disagreeing, but there are a lot of “what about’s.”


Mostly “what about accountability” and “what about my performance focused boss (principal, assistant superintendent, superintendent, and/or school board)?”  


The answer is, “This year, politely ignore the what about’s.” Regardless of what or who it is.


Again, this year the priorities for schools, IN ORDER,  are as follows:


#1: Keep the Adults Safe and Alive.


#2 Keep the Students Safe and Healthy.


#3: Keep the School Safe and Open.


#4: Address Emotional Health and Belonging Needs.


#5: Instruction.  

If leadership and teachers ignore or short-cut Priorities 1, 2, and/or 3, at best the school is forced to teach remotely (which is less effective). At worse, the school isn’t teaching at all. Consider Priorities 1, 2, and 3 as the “Life Over Learning Priorities”


If leadership and teachers ignore or short-cut Priority 4, there is no teaching and learning occurring in the classroom. Instead, it’s just a lot of talking at students and glassy-eyed stares. Consider Priority 4 as the “Maslow Over Bloom Priority”


Adequately address Priorities 1 – 4 and there is a chance for instruction and learning to occur this year. Give your school and yourself the chance.


Lead Your School and Wash Your Hands!

Your turn…

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