On School Vouchers




I just finished reading your new book, On School Vouchers: Honest Arguments in a Dishonest Debate.


It stirred up a lot of thoughts as I was reading. For one, we have a solid, consistent, and living curriculum in public schools. There is no guarantee of that in private schools. They are not required to serve student with special needs and often force those student back to public schools, and no one questions this.


On another note, as you reference, people wrap themselves with the catchall phrase of “it takes a village to raise the child,” but at the same time do not want to pay for educating children in public schools. We are friends with a couple who by their choice have no children. They are resentful about paying school taxes. I have reminded them that someone else paid for both of them to receive education at public schools which cost more in tax dollars than what their parents paid. They are also both graduates from public universities and are affluent. After being beneficiaries of a public good, paying it forward is now considered unfair.


As you pointed out public schools are the lifeblood of our democracy and the common good. When I see the turmoil currently in the US, I realize we need our public school more than ever.  Okay…enough ranting for the moment.


Good book!


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