Lead Your School represents a cadre of educators from across the country that are driven to maximize student opportunities and to lead the profession by example and action. @LYSNation is one way to share information, ideas, and reflections with those incredible teachers and school leaders. These are the Top 10 tweets shared in the past week.


  1. Here’s the bottom line. senator ted cruz abandoned his post and then lied about it. I know a principal who got fired because he left a school dance early. cruz left as his constituents were dying. Reprehensible and unforgivable. (By @LYSNation)


  1. Vouchers “will not benefit low-income students, will not improve academic achievement, will not protect students from discrimination, will not be transparent and accountable to taxpayers, will undermine funding for public schools…” (By pastors4OKkids)


  1. “Vouchers are now a dominant source of funding for many churches; parishes in our sample running voucher-accepting schools get more revenue from vouchers than from worshipers.” How is this NOT a state sponsored church? (By pastors4OKkids)


  1. Prioritize the vaccination of teachers, regardless of age, TODAY. (By @SethMacFarlane)


  1. “The Federal voucher program supported by many conservatives is little more than another tax-funded welfare program establishing an entitlement to a private school education.” -Ron Paul, 2003 (By pastors4OKkids)


  1. We unequivocally opposes all voucher legislation because it takes away from the high quality public education promised to every child in Florida. (By @pastors4flkids)


  1. Volatile bosses create eggshell environments. (By @Leadershipfreak


  1. If you are an educator and your passion isn’t human potential, I’m afraid you’ve chosen the wrong line of work. (By @flyingmonkey13)


  1. About 40% of the nation’s coronavirus deaths could have been prevented if the United States’ average death rate matched other industrialized nations, a new Lancet Commission report has found. (By @tgrierhisd)


  1. Recently chatted with a Texas teacher who reminded me that Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick promised every teacher in Texas a $10,000 raise in his desperate attempt to save his political hide. He eked out a victory against me then promptly forgot on his pledge. He is Dan Patrick, after all. (By @CollierForTexas)


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