What About More Work

First a reminder. The leadership priority list for schools this year is as follows:


Priority 1-A: Keep Your Adults Alive


Priority 1-B: Keep Your Student Healthy


Priority 1-C: Keep Your School Open


School leaders nod and then someone says, “But won’t this take more work?


Yes. More work, every day­–by administrators, teachers, staff, and students–for the foreseeable future.


We can complain about this (which is ok).


When can accept this (which is good).


We can embrace this (which is better).


Or you can ignore and avoid this new truth. If you choose the ignore and avoid path, then wad up the priority list and throw it in the trash. And then stock up on four-leaf clovers and horseshoes. You are going to need all the luck you can get.


Lead Your School and Wash Your Hands!

Your turn…

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