After reading the July 19, 2019 post, “Rethinking High School GPA,” a reader writes…




I admit it. I’m intrigued. Who’s already doing this and how do you suggest I begin the process?


SC Response


Those are some really good questions. First of all, no one is doing this. So be a trailblazer.


Second, to make this happen will take planning, communication and time. Slow and steady is going to win this race.


Leadership will need to start in the conversation in the PLC, talk up the benefits to students and the school. Address the inevitable concerns and actively build a consensus.


Then leadership has to purposefully spread this idea up (central office and the board) and out (parents and students). Keep the focus on the purpose and benefits of adopting the new GPA system.


Once that consensus is built and the board says, “OK,” start the new GPA system with the incoming 9thgraders. It would not be fair to change the GPA rules for students who are already in the middle of their GPA game.


Think. Work. Achieve.


Your turn…


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