Time to play the same old broken record… Here is what I have heard from Republican politicians this week (paraphrased). BR = Broken Record. A = Answer


BR: “Now is not the time to talk about gun regulations because to do so would be to politicize tragedy.”

 A: Since horrific mass shooting events are occurring weekly, when will it ever be the “appropriate” time to talk about reasonable gun regulations? Give us a time and I will put it on my calendar. Today? Tomorrow? Next week? Because if not then, I believe the best time to discuss it will be in the middle of your election campaign.


BR: “There is no need for overly restrictive gun legislation.”

 A: At this point, I would settle for mildly ineffective gun legislation. Instead of the exact opposite of no new restrictions and relaxed restriction policies which is the modus operandi of the current Republican Party leadership.


BR: “A background check didn’t stop the  Midland / Odessa shooter.”

A: Actually it did. For just a second. Then the shooter took advantage of the semi-truck sized loophole created for “private sales” to purchase his mass killing weapon of choice.  


BR: “One new law won’t stop all mass shooters.”

A: Agreed. But that is not the point. One law doesn’t solve an entire problem. But what if one law solves 20% of the problem? That saves lives, buys some breathing room and a chance to see what the next logical step to eradicating the problem should be. 


BR: “Enacting any gun restriction puts us on a slippery slope that quickly and inevitably leads to the government taking our guns.”

A: Bullshit.

Show me one thing in the United States where a regulation lead to the complete end of that thing.

Tobacco laws? No.

Alcohol law? No.

Voting regulations? No.

Driving laws? No.

An entire generation of American children have grown up in a country where mass shootings are normal. The politicians that have aided and abetted the slide to this new reality should be ashamed and held accountable in the voting booth.


S. Cain