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  1. Democracy depends on giving every child a great public education. Our nation and our state are counting on it! (By @pastors4OKkids)


  1. Educate the masses – it’s the only way to preserve our liberty! Public Education fulfills this dream better than any other system.(By @pastors4OKkids)



  1. The public owns our schools. This way, all children will be served, not just some. Private profiteers do not own them. If this happens, some children will be served and some will not Therefore, any attempt to privatize this public trust for personal financial gain is immoral.(By @pastors4txkids)


  1. “In this country, you’re not supposed to have to depend on the kindness of strangers or the generosity of wealthy patrons to get a decent education.” (By @pastors4OKkids)


  1. Oh, for the love of all that is Holy… 1. Fund the damn schools 2. Fund the damn local govts 3. Fix the damn roads and bridges 4. Fund the damn war on opiates 5. Fund the damn fight on infant mortality 6. Repeat 1 through 6. (By @IanFergusonOH)


  1. They call it coaching, but it’s teaching. You do not just tell them – you show them the reasons. –Vince Lombardi(By @CoachMotto)


  1. “Being around smart people tends to make us smarter, more creative, and ultimately more productive. And the smarter the people, the stronger the effect.” -Enrico Moretti (By @DrMetz_TMHS)


  1. The first rule of intelligence: Don’t talk about your intelligence. It’s something you prove, not something you claim.(By @tgrierhisd)


  1. Winning is not everything – but making the effort to win is. –Vince Lombardi (By @CoachMotto)


  1. Winners embrace hard work. They love the discipline of it, the trade-off they’re making to win. Losers, on the other hand, see it as punishment. And that’s the difference. –Lou Holtz(By @CoachMotto)


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