Lead Your School represents a cadre of educators from across the country that are driven to maximize student opportunities and to lead the profession by example and action. @LYSNation is one way to share information, ideas, and reflections with those incredible teachers and school leaders. These are the Top 10 tweets shared in the past week.


  1. Today in PLC, a colleague described how she keeps a spread sheet of things that happen on screen. Like a cat walks across the screen. Instead of chiding the student, she records, “Student has a cat. Ask its name later.” That tiny little move is about relationship now and later. (By @PaulWhankins)


  1. Put politics aside. Put your mask on. (By @NYGovComo)


  1. When we focus on students’ strengths, they experience success. When they experience success it builds confidence. Confident students are willing to try new things and even risk failing. Grit is personal not universal. (By @DrBradJohnson)


  1. The characteristics that make a remote/distance/online teacher effective are the same characteristics that make a teacher effective anywhere! (By @sjunkins)


  1. Great leaders surround themselves with courageous, honest, people who will tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Insecure leaders, surround themselves with equally insecure, often manipulative, ‘yes’ people who always agree with ‘the boss.’ (By @tgrierhisd)


  1. There’s a misconception about teamwork. Teamwork is the ability to have different thoughts about things; it’s the ability to argue and stand up and say loud and strong what you feel. But in the end, it’s also the ability to adjust to what is the best for the team. –Tom Landry (By @CoachMotto)


  1. Varied denominations agree time and again. Christians have a moral duty to support our local public schools. (By Pastors4OKkids)


  1. You’ve got to avoid overcoaching. You’ve got to avoid talking too much. You’ve got to avoid showing players that you’re the boss every time. You don’t have to do that. They know you’re in charge. –Red Auerbach (By @CoachMotto)


  1. Teachers, it’s okay to have a lesson plan fall apart sometimes. Tacos fall apart and we still love them! (By @FixingEducation)


  1. The toughest people to manage: Overconfident incompetence. Incompetence that resists intervention. (By @Leadershipfreak)


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