A half kudo to the Waco Independent School District School Board.


They recently accepted the resignation, with a partial contract buy-out, of their Superintendent.  The buy-out is why I’m subtracting half of the kudo.


The Superintendent was busted with pot in his car during a routine traffic stop. Once busted, the Superintendent began politicking for his job, begging for understanding, mercy and leniency.


According to him, it was a first time offense, he wasn’t high, he had never done it before, and it was his friend’s pot.


Sounds a lot like the typical middle school student who gets caught on campus holding a joint.


But in Waco ISD, the pot posessing middle school student doesn’t get understanding, mercy or leniency from the Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent and School Board. No, the busted middle school student gets a lengthy sentence at the Discipline Alternative Education Program (DAEP) Campus. And he damn sure doesn’t get a $96,000.00 separation package.


So, to our pot smoking superintendent, good luck and good riddance.


I have no patience for hypocrites occupying leadership positions.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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