Over this series of eight posts, we are identifying and addressing the seven primary barriers to changing instructional practices and the appropriate response by leadership. I present to you Part 2 in The Response to Barriers Series – Inadequate Training.


Once it is determined that the staff is not ignorant of better instructional practices, yet it is observed that better practices are not being implemented at sufficient quantity and quality the question becomes, “Why?”


The most common answer is, “Inadequate training.”


Throughout the profession, our districts and campuses do a poor job of adequately training staff.  One-time trainings, infrequent training opportunities, irrelevant training, etc. I could write an entire book highlighting the training malpractice I have observed inflicted on teachers across the country.  I can count on one hand the districts and campuses that do a better than adequate job of training teachers.


In today’s high stakes operating environment, if training your staff does not represent a significant investment in intellectual, time and monetary resources, your staff will never operate at anything resembling high effectiveness and efficiency.


What are the building blocks of effective training program?  The following should be considered minimum requirements:


  1. Orientation and induction training that builds foundation skills.
  2. Training that is directly correlated to improving instructional practice.
  3. Embedded training that is delivered over-time, in small, actionable chunks.
  4. Training that models the targeted practices and behaviors.
  5. Immediate (or near immediate) practice opportunities for teachers, with cueing and feedback.
  6. Training that regularly revisits identified core competencies.


Here is the good news, if staff are struggling due to non-existent or inadequate training, you are a critical part of the solution.

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