The RTB Series – Part 7: Response to Obstinance

Over this ongoing series of eight posts, we are identifying and addressing the seven primary barriers to changing instructional practices and the appropriate response by leadership. I present to you Part 7 in The Response to Barriers Series – Obstinance.


The obstinate teacher just refuses to do “it;” whatever “it” may be.  As a leader you have to decide if the “it” is important or not.  If “it” isn’t, honestly, who cares?


If “it” is important, then draw a line in the sand. Talk to the teacher, document the teacher, and if necessary, fire the teacher.  When you allow the obstinate teacher to get away with not complying, you are making everyone who does comply a stooge.  This quickly becomes a morale problem of your own making.


Here is the good news, if staff are stuck due to the issues of obstinance, you are a critical part of the solution.

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Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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