If you are not following @LYSNation on Twitter, then you missed the Top 10 LYS tweets from the past week when they were first posted.  And if you are on Twitter, you might want to check out the Tweeters who made this week’s list.

1. “There’s no low-cost alternative to a high-quality teacher.” (By @TxEdStrong)

2. “School choice (charters, vouchers, etc.) has not produced innovation or competition. It has only drained taxpayer dollars away from America’s public schools.” (By @antraasa)

3. Winners worry about winning, losers worry about winners. (By @Ndathletes)

4. When you’re the head coach, you’re the head coach 24/7. No matter what happens, it’s on your watch, and to a degree, it’s your problem. –Bill Belichick (By @CoachMotto)

5. With formative classroom observations, the only number that matters in district-wide comparisons is… Volume. (By @LYSNation)

6. Never forget, the critical variable in the classroom is the quality of delivered instruction. (By @LYSNation)

7. Do not let inspiring stories of people who beat the odds distract us from the necessary work of improving the odds. (By @palan57)

8. You need to 15 to 20 (short) classroom observations to have a statistically significant sample. Any less, and you are as likely to chase anomalies as you are to help improve typical teacher practice. (By @LYSNation)

9. Parents, pastors, business and community leaders, advocates will strenuously oppose: Tying funding to STAAR results; Local tax caps for schools; Cheating Pre-K; Starving Texas public schools. The time for political games is over. Fund our kids’ education now. (By @pastors4txkids)

10. The Fundamental 5, by Sean Cain and Mike Laird, is a great educational book! My biggest takeaway is to always frame your lesson! (By @MrsEllisTx)

Think. Work. Achieve.

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