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  1. Public school administrators and school board members ARE NOT prohibited from encouraging civic participation. Remind your staff and stakeholders to vote, and to vote for candidates who represent their priorities. (By @DeborahCano1)


  1. Balance can only maintain good, because balance requires compromise. (By @LYSNation)


  1. The true pursuit of GREAT requires a sustained and purposeful imbalance in the area of potential greatness. (By @LYSNation)


  1. There’s no greater reward in teaching than to reach the “unreachable.” Ask any teacher how they did it and at the core will be a relentless pursuit of a relationship with that kid. (By @careacter)


  1. Met with many Texas superintendents yesterday where we covered many topics including high stakes testing, school funding, teacher retirement security, and many more. I learned a lot and will be better able to lead. FYI – They invited Dan Patrick and he declined. (By @CollierForTexas)


  1. A “campaign stop at Tyler Regional Airport” with no voters present is a FAKE campaign. To promise teachers a $10,000 raise each, which will cost $3+ billion, without a word about where the money will come from is a lie. Teachers won’t get a raise under Dan Patrick. (By @CollierForTexas)


  1. I am a big fan of service learning as a replacement consequence. The offender gets to reflect, put in some sweat equity, and most importantly feel a sense of pride for a visible, concrete task completed. (By @LYSNation)


  1. When one person is not meeting professional standards that is a personnel issue. Coach the person up or coach the person out. (By @LYSNation)


  1. When many people are not meeting professional standards that is a leadership issue. (By @LYSNation)


  1. The deadline to register to vote in November is October 9th. Do it today! Check your registration, update it, or apply for the first time. (By@TxEdVote)


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