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  1. Was asked today an important question today: Why don’t we have better school funding? Our answer: because a handful of Texas Legislature members and rich billionaires don’t want us to. Let’s retire those legislators this November. (By @pastors4txkids)


  1. So, I will join those who say, “Money doesn’t matter,” once we actually double our school funding in Texas and yet fail to see improvement in student performance. Let’s do that experiment and watch what happens! (By @choirdoc)


  1. Principals NEED to meet eyeball-to-eyeball, one-to-one, with every staff member. If you didn’t do this in the spring, do it in the first few weeks of the year. Basic outline: 1. What went well last year? 2. What do you want to improve? 3. How can I better support you? (By @JCPSAsstSuptES1)


  1. “Encouraging voting and civic engagement is vital for the health of our democracy. It is important that educators practice what they teach!” (By @TxEdVote)


  1. A bevy of very powerful people have savaged our nation’s public schools while calling themselves “reformers.” They have no desire to reform… They want to privatize and monetize public schools. -Diane Ravitch (By @DeborahCano1)


  1. The 80% solution for replacing punishment on your campus is to embrace the power of an apology. (By @LYSNation)


  1. Framing the lesson is like Ron Burgundy. It’s kind of big deal. (By @lovelearning75)


  1. NAIL the closing! The close is proof of learning. (By @bgalvan77)


  1. “If you think as a leader you can and should have all the answers, then you’re both wrong and significantly constraining the capacity of the organization to be creative.” -Tim Brown (By @clwilkens)


  1. Every Church member has a responsibility to become holy, by taking care of others. (By @Pontifex)


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