The following is a continuation of the conversations from the 6/27/18 post, “Mexico Doesn’t Send Us Its Best,” and the 7/18/18 post, “Mexico Doesn’t Send Us Its Best – Part 2.” 


I do not dispute the facts presented in the 7/18/18 post. Though the concept of a 2,000-mile physical wall on our Southern Border is a 19thand 20thcentury fear response (Maginot Line?). An electronic surveillance monitoring and alert net, I would have a difficult time arguing against.


But I am more interested in actually addressing our antiquated and ineffective immigration policies, as you highlight, than continuing the political posturing that passes as leadership these days.  Here is what I propose as starting point.


  1. Establish 10 to 20 well-advertised (in Central and South America), well-staffed entry / processing points on the border. Something akin to a modern Ellis Island network (without the negative connotations). For these processing sites, I wouldn’t place them in the big cites, I’d pick the smaller border towns, such as Del Rio, Texas. Consider of the boom to the local economies that will be created as the infrastructure to handle and process the immigrants is built. And this would occur on both sides of the border. A significant added benefit to this economic boom on the Mexico side of the border is the fact that a strong Mexican economy stems the flow of illegal immigrants.


  1. Establish a robust, reasonable and logical guest worker program. ”If you want to work to support your family or build a better life, here is what you must do.”


  1. Establish a logical merit and time-based path to citizenship. “Do you want to be a U.S. citizen, here are the requirements.”


If this, or something like it, is enacted it will change the equation. Now if a person crosses the border illegally, the assumption is that he is up to no good.


If a person doesn’t adhere to the requirements of the guest worker program, then he isn’t the type of worker that the U.S. needs. Return to your home country.


If a person doesn’t follow the path to citizenship, the he isn’t citizen material. Return to your home country.


Agree or disagree, a real policy solution would look something like what I have presented.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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