An Open Letter to Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick


Through your agenda, actions and policies you had contracted the tax base of our great state. This has had a negative effect on social services, health care and public education in Texas.


Through your agenda, actions and policies you have marginalized those who do not believe as you espouse to believe, do not live like you espouse to live, do not occupy the economic strata where you rub shoulders, and do not look like those whom which you surround yourself.


Through your agenda, actions and policies you have expanded access to and the increased the proliferation of firearms, contributing to a culture of fear and violence, in a state where access to firearms has never been an actual issue.


Your agenda, actions and policies have reduced the quality of special education support and counseling services in our schools.  Your agenda, actions and policies have led to increased class sizes and reduction of staff in our schools.  Your agenda, actions and policies have driven good people from the field of public education and discouraged others from joining its ranks.


Your stated solutions to the real problems that face our state can be boiled down to the talking points of “Cut Taxes; Implement School Vouchers; Arm More People; Worry About Where Someone Takes a Leak.”


And then, in the aftermath of the second mass shooting in our state in less than a year and the worst school shooting in the history of our state, your best solution is to reduce the number of doors used at a school.




All I can say is that stupidity at this level can be solved by a door.  Showing you the door this November.


When something goes wrong at a school, fairly or unfairly, the Principal is ultimately responsible.  When something goes wrong in a school district, fairly or unfairly, the Superintendent is ultimately responsible. That is the burden of those who accept the responsibility of true leadership.


Lieutenant Governor is the most power political office in our state government.  That means as Lt. Governor, when something goes wrong in our state, you, Dan Patrick, are ultimately responsible. And in this horrible case, your agenda, policies and actions are actual contributing factors. You, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick are culpable and that is fair.


You can trust that I will highlight your failures as we go forward. You can trust that I will encourage everyone to vote in the November election. And you can trust that I will make the case when they vote, that they do so for your opponent.


Sean Cain

Private Citizen, Texas Independent Voter