When any partial solution to gun violence is suggested, it is parried with the “That Won’t Prevent Every Incident of Gun Violence,” rebuttal.  Which is interpreted to mean that the solution is fundamentally flawed and as such we should continue to do nothing.

This flawed thinking is rightfully ignored in essentially every other health and safety situation.  We know that seat belts and air bags do not prevent every traffic fatality. But we also know that these two car safety features prevent many fatalities.


We know that that a healthy diet and exercise do not prevent every disease. But we also know that these two practices prevent many diseases.


We implement common sense actions to decrease the chances of injury and death. Not to completely remove any chance of injury and death.


There is not one thing that will stop all incidents of gun violence.  But there are many small things that we can do that will reduce the chance of the mass slaughter of innocents. And a package of small actions will have a greater effect than the sum total of the individual actions.


I’m not giving up my guns. They are tools. Powerful and potentially dangerous tools. And it is because of that power and potential danger that I’m willing to take reasonable small steps to better protect my fellow citizens and their children from my guns and the guns of others.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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