Let’s discuss the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The genius of our Founding Fathers is beyond debate. They wrote and adopted a document that provides a framework for governing, security and prosperity that has endured for over 200 years.  In this document, they included a provision for armed militia and citizens. Having wrestled away a country from the preeminent Super Power of the times, they were hyper-sensitive to the value and need of the citizen-soldier.


But we must also recognize that the killing power of armament of the colonial era citizen-soldier has little resemblance to the mass killing power that is available for easy, inexpensive purchase to essentially anyone with a pulse in modern America.


The Constitution is a living, slow evolving document. Arguments to the contrary are hollow and easily refuted.  Now is the time for reasonable citizens to have reasonable discussions on what responsible gun ownership looks like going forward.


But what about the counter arguments? Let’s consider two common, gut level reactions to any discussion about guns.


First, “If we give any ground, before we know it, ‘THEY” will be come to take our guns.”

No, ‘THEY’ won’t.  Why? Because we have guns.


Second, “My gun is what stands between us and a despotic, tyrannical government.”

No, you and your guns do not do that. You don’t have the fire power, resources and training, to stop trained military.


What actually protects us from despotic, tyrannical government is free speech, voting, checks and balances, and an engaged, educated citizenry.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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