Again, another common sense, public safety rule we could enact for firearms.


Humor me for a couple of sentences…


A person who owns a single cat is not unreasonable and should be of little concern to their neighbors. That person simply likes the company of a pet cat.


A person who owns two cats is a cat enthusiast. Nothing unique or worrisome about that.


A person who owns three cats, really loves cats, a lot. I may find that a little disconcerting, but it’s not my home.


A person who owns four or more cats either is about to cross or has crossed the line and has entered into the “crazy cat person” zone.  Friends and family members need to be aware of the situation and at a certain point, authorities need to be notified.


I argue that cats and guns have a lot in common. I know this as a law abiding, life-long gun owner.  We can apply the “crazy cat person rule” to gun ownership. There is a line between a no one cares that you own a couple of guns and we should all be concerned with the excessive number of guns a you own.


And to be clear, just because a person owns a lot of guns, does not specifically make them a danger to themselves or others. But we would all breathe a little easier if someone at least checked in on that person on a regular basis.


I’ll leave it to debate on what number represents the line has been crossed. But I will offer that I believe the number is greater than 3, but less than 15.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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