There are two things that I participate in (daily) that place my fellow citizens at measurable risk… No matter how careful and responsible I am.  Those two things are driving a car and owning a gun. To drive a car, the state requires that I purchase insurance. This is to compensate and make whole any of my fellow citizens who are harmed by either my vehicle or my driving. The cost of my car insurance is determined by my age, driving record, type of vehicle I own, how many vehicles I own, how the vehicle is used, where it is stored, etc. This cost can be prohibitive, and I may decide that owning a car is not worth the cost. Sure, I can drive without insurance. But if I am caught doing so, the fines are hefty, and the penalty can be severe.


A similar system should be enacted for gun ownership.  If I choose to own a firearm, I should be required to carry insurance. The purpose of this insurance would be to compensate and make whole any of my fellow citizens who are harmed by either my gun or my firing my gun.  Just like the market for car insurance, the cost of my gun insurance will be based on my age, the type of gun I own, how many guns I own, how I use my gun, where I store my gun, etc. The cost of this insurance may be prohibitive (that’s how the insurance market works) and this may impact my decision to own a gun, or not.  Sure, I could choose to own, carry, and use a firearm without insurance. But just like driving a car, if I am caught doing so, the fine should be hefty, and perhaps, the punishment severe.


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