Early voting for the Texas Primary begins tomorrow (Tuesday, February 20, 2018) and it has never been more critical for Texas Educators to get out and vote in mass. And we need to vote where we will make the biggest impact. Which means regardless of your party affiliation (for the record, I’m an independent) Texas educators need to vote in the Republican Primary.

Why? For three big reasons.

1. Texas is a solid Red State. Which means that the current political reality is whoever wins the Republican Primary will win the general election.

2. The loudest and most aggressive anti-public school politicians in Texas are running on the Republican Ticket. To be clear, this means current Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, current Republican Governor Greg Abbott, and current Republican Senator Ted Cruz. If these anti-public school politicians lose their primary contests to opponents that are not as aggressive in furthering an anti-public school environment, at the very least, things won’t get worse.

3. Because so few people vote in the primary, extreme candidates are beating more moderate candidates (in both parties). As more people vote, the more extreme candidates (who represent the few and moneyed interests) will begin to be replaced by candidates that have views that are more reflective of the general populace.

If you are a proponent of public education; if you believe that public education is critical to the ongoing economic, political and social health of our state; then get out and vote. Vote early. Take your neighbor, your bother and your mother with you.

And remember this, no spin… Just truth. As a public educator, if you vote for the people at the top of the Texas Republican Ticket (Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Sen. Ted Cruz) who are already in office, here is exactly what you are voting for:

1. Vouchers – Texas families who enroll students to private or home schools should be granted tax credits or exemptions – This essentially defunds public education.

2. Removing Local Control from Public School Districts – Property taxes should be capped at 4% increases. – This essentially defunds public schools and removes the ability of the local populace to fund a school program above the miserly level the state funds public schools.

3. Defunding Public Schools – See above.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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