We live in a hyper-competitive, increasingly flat world. There are two ways to view this reality.  One is through the lens of scarcity (the pie construct).  With the pie construct, the more pie I have, the less you have, and vice versa. When I look at the world thru this lens, I become very greedy and very defensive.  More for me and mine! Then, build a wall around it, because everyone is coming to take what I have. Cut my taxes, don’t spend on others, and for gosh sake, don’t repair or enhance anything because that will cost me.

Politically, many of our elected officials are proponents of this world view. I argue that even though this is cotton candy for the electorate, it is short-sighted and self-defeating. Demagoguery, instead of leadership.

The second way one can view the world is thru a lens of abundance (the growth mindset).  With the growth mindset, the pie is not fixed.  In fact, with the right leadership and positive action, the pie can grow.  But the pie doesn’t grow magically. Making the pie grow takes investment, work, imagination, sacrifice and selflessness for the common good.  Don’t cut my taxes, and in some cases, possibly raise them. Build roads, hospitals, and good public schools.  Invest in people and research.  Be a good neighbor and a good citizen.

In spite of their considerable faults, our greatest generation, the generation of our grandfather and grandmother (for you youngsters, your great-grandfather and great-grandmother) understood this.  They built us a legacy.  But instead of standing on their shoulders and reaching higher, thru greed and self-interest we’re fast tracking our way to the bottom. 

So, my crazy idea, instead of the politics of greed and ME, how about the politics of investment, infrastructure, education, self-sacrifice and the greater good. 

I’d vote for the politician brave enough to actually stand up and advocate for that.  And as an independent voter, party be damned.        

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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