In response to the January 14, 2016 post, “Reasonable Accountability – A Primer for the Texas Legislator,” a Texas Superintendent and nationally renowned public school advocate writes:


I would think a sliding scale based on Target Revenue levels would be fair. Our current funding system often has a one school district getting up to $3,000.00 per pupil more than its neighboring district. This structural funding flaw means that the “lucky” district can get millions of dollars more in state funding… year after year,

To hold the unlucky/underfunded school district to the same learning standards as the significantly better funded school district is a farce.  A farce that implies that resources, teacher pay, etc., don’t impact student learning.

Bottom line, low target revenue districts are at a massive disadvantage.

SC Response I’d say “Preach.” But you do, loud and often.  We are on the same page with the inadequacy and inherent unfairness of our state’s education funding system.  As our mutual friend, Reverend Charles Foster Johnson so clearly states, “It is a sin.” 

Which means that when we have underfunded districts that are unable to meet state accountability standards, the first, fair and logical state response should be to at least equalize resources. Sadly, when it comes to education policy in our state, fair and logical has been absent for about the past ten years. 

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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