In response to the January 14, 2016 post, “Reasonable Accountability – A Primer for the Texas Legislator,” a reader writes:


I totally agree with this.  Who will take up the gauntlet??

SC Response Now that is the million-dollar question.

The “hold schools accountable” politicians are about weakening public education and public schools.  Regardless of their rhetoric and posturing to the contrary.

In the face of this very real political threat, the vast majority of pubic school educators have positioned themselves as anti-accountability proponents.

This leaves the public educators arguing the merits of reasonable school accountability a truly rare breed.

But I argue that the true public school advocate has to be a proponent of accountability.  But not the accountability that we have now.  Instead accountability similar to what we see in medicine.  We have to have processes to determine what works (as defined by student performance) and structures to ensure that every student is provided this evolving “what really works” instruction.

So at the very least, you and I will continue to beat this drum.  We’ll have to see who joins us.

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