“The only defense against a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun” – Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President

9 Dead, Innocent Victims (Civilians) 6/7/2015, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, South Carolina

4 Dead, Innocent Victims (Professional Soldiers) 7/16/2015, Military Facility, Tennessee

2 Dead, Innocent Victims (Civilians) 7/24/2015, Movie Theater, Louisiana

2 Dead, Innocent Victims (Civilians) 8/26/2015, Live News Report, Virginia

1 Dead, Innocent Victim (Sheriff Deputy) 8/28/2015, Gas Station, Texas

At this point it can be objectively argued that The Good Guy with a Gun Theory is an abject failure. A good guy with a gun can stop neither the surprise attack nor the ambush. 

When Plan A isn’t working, at some point it has to be time to consider Plan B.

I would suggest that Plan B would be at minimum to: 

1. Make it more difficult for any yahoo to arm himself for some delusional Armageddon.  2.  Mandate better firearms safety requirements.  3. Provide significantly improved mental health services.

Or we can go straight to Plan C… Kevlar vests and advanced combat helmets issued at birth.

Plan B or Plan C, pick one. But I am sickened by the fact that we are perfectly OK with gunning down our own… Then shedding a tear, wringing our hands, shrugging our shoulders and then waiting for the inevitable less shocking mass killing or ambush no later than next month. 

This is not our national embarrassment; it’s our national shame.

And here’s the disclaimer to make it more difficult for the close-minded to paint me with a liberal, Yankee, Democrat, city slicker, etc., brush.

I write this as a lifetime gun owning, hunting, southern male raised and taught gun safety by my infantry soldier Father, USAF Colonel (ret.) Grandfather and USAF Senior Master Sergeant (ret.) Grandfather.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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