In response to the 9/1/2015 post, “So When is Enough, Enough,” a LYSer writes:


Your number 1 on Plan B is pretty broad.   Number 2 and 3 seem very reasonable, but reformers really don’t speak about those types of steps or safety measures.  I only hear about extreme measures that could fall under your #1.  Plans to limit ownership or limit the type of guns etc…Our country is very divided on so many topics these days there doesn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground.  This is unfortunate that our leaders are so far to the left or the right; both always thinking their position is the best when both sides could compromise.  When it comes to the 2nd amendment I think those on the left need to start a lot more toward the middle and less extreme.

SC Response You touch on one of the main reasons why I write on this topic (and other’s like it). Those of us who believe in a middle ground (the pragmatists) have ceded discussion and political power to the fringes of the parties.  People who believe that there is no compromise.  It is their way or scorched Earth. 

With firearms, I am neither proposing nor believe in taking away guns from those who legally possess them.  I also do not believe that the only requirement to own a gun should be that you want one.  There is a pragmatic middle ground.     

Either we talk about important issues and engage in the political process or we keep getting what we get.  

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