It is no secret that Lead Your School is approached on a semi-regular basis to conduct a principal search.  The typical request is, “We need an experienced principal.  One with a significant track record of success that will lead a particular campus that for any number of reasons is undesirable to this type of principal.  And salary won’t be an issue.”

So we bring a slate of principals that meet these qualifications and the Superintendent is happy until the salary discussion begins.  Now the Superintendent realizes that the salary that will get the principal she likes the best to move is higher than what the current salary schedule in the district suggests.  So they low-ball the salary offer and the principal declines the new job.  And the Superintendent is shocked.  Because no one ever tells a Superintendent “No.

So, here is what the Superintendent forgot.

  • For the rock star principal, your district isn’t better than where the principal is coming from.
  • For the rock star principal, your campus isn’t better than the one the principal is currently leading.
  • For the rock star principal, your campus represents new problems to solve.
  • For the rock star principal, your district represents new systems to navigate.
  • For the rock star principal, your district / campus represents new personalities to learn, manage and avoid.
  • For the rock star principal, your district/campus represents risk.  Risk that you are inviting them to take.

Which means Superintendents, if you are serious about poaching another district’s rock star principal, you are going to have to open your checkbooks.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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