LYS Nation, it’s time to think about your resume, whether you are looking for a job or not.  In fact, if you are not looking for a job this is best time to pull it out and polish it up a bit, when there is no pressure.  In my career, I have reviewed 1,000’s of resumes for the purpose of screening and/or hiring from the superintendent position to paraprofessional position.  Due to that, I was asked to share with a group of LYS assistant principals some resume basics and what would get me to spend an extra 30 seconds looking that one special resume in a stack of 100’s.  Below are the highlights of that conversation.

There is just one purpose of a resume… to get the interview.  If your resume doesn’t do that it is worthless to you. If you have a flawed resume, all that does it make the job easier for the screener. Since in education we really are a profession of similar qualifications your resume has to set you apart, in a good way. 

Resume Set-up

1. Use good paper. 2. Use a good printer. 3. Have a clean format. 4. Use a clean font. 5. A little color is OK. 6. Skip the picture. 7. Tailor the resume to the position and organization. 8. Proof, re-proof, and proof your resume again before every submission (one typo might not hurt you, two will).
Resume Length

  •  One to two pages. 
    • Long enough to tell the story, not long enough to be boring
    • No more than 400 words per page.

Experience Considerations

A. There is no need to list all experiences. B. If more than 15 years ago, the experience is probably no longer relevant. Leave it out.  For example, if you are now a principal, what and where you taught 15 years ago is not what makes you a good candidate.  What you have accomplished as a principal is what makes you a good candidate. C. If your experience is outside of the profession, list it if make you a better candidate. For example, military experience is a plus.  Feel free to skip the fact that you were a waiter while in college.

Writing Your Resume

A. An Objective Statement: Not necessary. If you have one, keep it short and sweet. B. Put your most important information first.  Your most important information is your experience and your achievements. This is what sets you apart. Then list your education and certifications. Education and certifications are constants in the applicant pool. C. Your resume should tell a story of your achievements. Consider the following format:
Position Achievements and accomplishments while in the position.

D. Feel free to drop the throw away statements. We already know that your references are “Available on request.”

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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