In response to the 12/6/2012 post, “The Hidden Agenda of Choice – Part 3,” a Superintendent writes:


Over the last six months I have spent a significant amount of time researching school reform issues across our country and I have been astounded at both the unethical practices and the downright corruption I have read about. From California, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and many more come stories that most people would have a hard time believing. Yet they are true, and more ominously, they are frighteningly similar in nature. The topics include (but are not limited to) school choice, charters, privatization, re-segregation, over-testing, private foundation funding, political influence, test cheating, the uber-wealthy’s foray into school reform, hedge-fund managers with their eye on the $600 billion a year spent on education, elections attempted to be bought and paid for, VAM, money spent on testing, ALEC and its poetical agenda for school reform (did you know Florence Shapiro has been deeply tied to this organization), for profit education, and vouchers.

There are other topics, but let’s look at the first and last ones I mentioned; school choice and vouchers. For they are the ones we have to pay close attention to in Texas right now. Consider them synonymous. They are being used as the key to the door of privatization. These two terms have nothing to do with the claims the politicians make. It is, in the end, about the opportunity to take the school system into the world of for-profit.

As public school advocates we need better educate ourselves about the forces that are contrary to our calling: Ensuring a quality public education for the children in our charge and the continued existence of our democracy as we know it. A great place to start is the blog of Diane Ravitch. Whether or not you agree with her positions, the entrees she writes have links to hundreds of articles from across the country (and world) that paint what one person referred to as the “pattern of the rug”. The links range from research, to news articles, to other blogs. All of it will give you pause.

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