In response to the 12/6/2012 post, “The Hidden Agenda of Choice – Part 3,” a Superintendent writes:

I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the following; Milton Friedman’s beliefs about vouchers have proven to be nothing but a failed theory. In the real world when vouchers have been implemented, the results have been at best – neutral, and at worst – destructive (see Milwaukee and Washington DC) What is being proposed in Texas WILL have the same results if the level of accountability proposed during the Senate hearings recently held by Dan Patrick are put in place (or should I say the utter lack of accountability standards) IF you doubt this, look at the articles about the hearings and what was said to Mr. Patrick by proponents of choice when he asked about accountability. The accountability described was “if parents aren’t happy, they can move their child to a different school” (close wording). NOTHING more was needed, certainly not the accountability that is in place for public schools (traditional and charters).

And to the author’s closing comment of, “As for me, I say let our schools be rich, competitive marketplaces of ideas and practice and then let the parents decide what is best for their children. We will all – students, parents, teachers, administrators, the rich, the poor, and society as a whole – be better off.” I offer the following rebuttal.  The moneyed interest is only interested in making money.  That is the business (market) model.  If this is allowed to become the model for public education, there will be no educational interest.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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