And we’re back…

I hope everyone had a safe and restful Thanksgiving Holiday. Before we roll into the posts we’ll catch up on LYS Tweets, which continued during the break.  If you don’t follow @LYSNation, here are the Top 10 LYS Tweets from the week of November 11, 2012.

1. If your students repeatedly can’t, that is a sign that you should try something different.

2. A Fundamental Law of Performance: If you don’t work the plan, the plan won’t work.

3. Push back is just another form of feedback. Don’t let it frustrate you; use it as a learning tool. (By @DCulberhouse)

4. How much time do elementary school students spend reading informational texts? Only 3.6 minutes a day. (By @anniemurphypaul)

5. Teachers constantly bust their tails to get monosyllable responses from individuals. Instead, embed Frequent Small Group Purposeful Talk to make kids engage in the content.

6. So where is, “The kids have worked hard for the past two days, so this is their catch-up time…” in C-Scope?

7. Training without follow up cueing, monitoring and support is, at best, just a session that presents suggested practices.

8. Increased testing rigor, less funding, and overhauled accountability system, it’s hard to argue that public education isn’t being set to fail. (By @DrJerryRBurkett)

9. Hey SC! Saw a guy here at the University of North Texas Education Leadership Conference drinking from an LYS tumbler… Love the LYS influence!! (By @drstevenwurtz)

10. To anyone who wants to secede from the U.S. Tell that to a marine or anyone else who bled for this country. (By @TitusNation)

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