A LYS Principal asks:


How can I get rid of ISS (In School Suspension) and still maintain a discipline system that prevents me from getting fired?

SC Response I think you are tracking with E. Don Brown’s understanding that an ISS class is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  As such, the best option for your students is not to have one.

I believe that your discipline system must be based on coaching and restitution, not punishment and revenge.  In developing such a system, gather your best teachers who never send students to the office. Work with that team to identify the concrete practices they use to keep all kids in class. Then build your discipline system around those practices.  Your job is to ensure that all adults follow the practices and support the system. As the flow of students to the office decreases (and it will decrease) the need for ISS will simple disappear.

As a principal, you must never forget the absolute truth that the longer a student is removed from class the further that student falls behind academically. 

Whatever you do, don’t be like the principal that I met a couple of years ago at a conference. After my presentation on pro-active and supportive discipline practices,  he approached me and said, “I agree with you. I abolished ISS on my campus two years ago.” 

I said, “Great.  What interventions does your campus use now?”

He reply, “Interventions? My policy is if you are sent to the office you are automatically suspended.”

Hopefully, that principal has either evolved or left the profession.

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